Founded in 2011 by award-winning University sports lecturer and professional football coach Omari Williams MSc, BSc, PGCERT, Techne Global Sports is one of the most respected football coaching companies across South Yorkshire.


Welcome to Techne Global Sports. I founded the coaching company in 2011 shortly after taking my son to a football coaching session and being surprised by the lack of actual coaching that took place within his session; after one and a half hours of football he had touched the ball on four occasions, stood in a line for the large majority of the time and when he finally got to touch the ball and play, the group of nearly forty children (and one coach) used one giant size 5 football to share between them for the entire session (it honestly looked like they were trying to play with a beach ball against their little legs!!).

I am fortunate to have worked within football and sports coaching all of my career as a professional football coach within sports academies, schools and local authorities in the UK and abroad, and over the last 10 years I have studied sports coaching for children academically as a lecturer of sport both at Sheffield Hallam University and more recently the University of Derby. Because of my background in sport I knew that I was best placed to pass on my experience not only to my own son but to other parents that had experienced the same as myself at other coaching sessions.

Techne Global Sports delivering children's football coaching in China in July 2015

Techne Global Sports delivering children's football coaching in China in July 2015

I was extremely proud that as Techne Global Celebrated its 5th year of running in 2016 we have delivered football and sports coaching sessions to children aged from eighteen months all the way up to 17 years of age here in the UK and more recently we have expanded to deliver coaching in China and India (pictured above). Our focus in now on children aged between 4 and 14 years, but the philosophy has never changed… We want to develop the technical ability of children and young people in football while developing their confidence and love for the game in the process.

The name ‘Techne’ derived from Greek mythology in which the Greek Goddess ‘Techne’ (often written in historic scripture as Tekhne) embodied technical skill as an art-form. Our aim is to develop technical ability in football from an early age. To enable us to do this we follow 4 simple steps:

1. Deliver every session with experienced and fully qualified coaches – our football coaching tutors include University Sports Lecturer (Omari Williams, MSc, BSc), PE School Teacher (Callum Saxby) and professional football coaches (Callum Douglas, Nathan Ward, Jake Lister and Jamie Asquith).

2. Tailored equipment specially designed for young people – we use size one, two and three footballs for all of our sessions. These balls are half of the size of the balls used by adults and are specially designed for young people to develop their game.

3. Support EVERY child to develop at their own pace  Our promise is to ensure that every child gets at least 1000 touches of the ball every single session. To do this we have developed our own programme in which every child gets their own football each session and practices a range of new skills and techniques using our ‘Jinga’ development activities proven to develop the abilities of young children in football.

4. FUN and DEVELOPMENT underpin everything! – Football is a game and we want children to remember that and always love the beautiful game. To do that we keep our games simple and fun, we encourage children to play football on the floor, develop individually and then through team and competition activities specially designed to improve confidence and technical ability.


I believe confident and happy children become better footballers. To enable this to happen we develop a child’s technical ability through a range of styles I have studied as a lecturer at University and also as a professional coach working all over the world. Having technical proficiency gives a child the confidence to try and attempt skills, create more time on the ball to try out new things and a love and appreciate how the game can be played.

I am a fan of the game, an academic who has studies the game for over a decade, a professional sports coach and a parent. I have assembled a number of expert football tutors to work with me to deliver high quality football coaching sessions to children who all share the same passion and philosophy as myself to ensure that the service we offer to you and your child is second to no other.

I look forward to you seeing the development in your own child once they take part in the Techne Global Sports coaching experience.


Omari Williams, Director of Techne Global Sports

Omari Williams MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCertHE

Founder of Techne Global Sports


Coaches and Tutors

Portraits by DimondMilk

Jake Lister - Childrens football Coach at Techne Global Sports in Sheffield

Jake Lister BSc (Hons)

Over 10 - 14's Head Coach

Callum Saxby - Childrens football Coach at Techne Global Sports in Sheffield

Callum Saxby

8 - 14's Head Coach

Jamie Asquith - Childrens football Coach at Techne Global Sports in Sheffield

Jamie Asquith BSc (Hons)
Junior Players - Head Coach

Associates & Staff

Eduardo Silva
Senior Coach

Nina Bennett BSc (Hons)

Claire Conroy

Liam Clarke MSc, BSc (Hons)
Coach Assessor

Jamie Harris
Coach Assessor

Tracy Greene
Junior Coach

Minas Nikolaidis
Junior Coach

Emma Kovacs
Junior Coach

Beni Fletcher
Junior Coach

Amir Thakur

David Gibbons
Business Development Manager

Liam Tyner
School Sport Manager

Thomas Hogan
IT Manager

Greg Haye-Brown
HR Manager

Open Positions

Senior Coach

Senior Coach to deliver on Saturday morning, football camps and School Sport services.  Potential to coach abroad with Techne Global Sports in China during summer 2016.


  • Minimum F.A. level 2 
  • In additon, a level 1 qualification in another sport
  • At least 5 years coaching experience with children aged between the ages of 4 and 16 years of age

Volunteer Coach

Ideal position for those beginning their coaching journey, studying sport at college or University at A-level, BTEC or degree level for example or working towards a level 1 or 2 coaching qualification.



  • Educated to secondary level
  • Have a passion for sports coaching
  • Hold or working towards a level 1 coaching qualification in the next 3 months


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