Saturday morning football in Sheffield

Techne Global Sports deliver Saturday Morning Football throughout the school term with professional coaches who are dedicated to ensuring every child reaches their potential.

Every week your child will receive their own ball to encourage creativity, freedom and with as many touches of their football as possible.

Saturday Morning Football = individual confidence and technical skills.

Football games at Techne Global Sports

You can book online today for one of our upcoming terms for 2018/19 year:

  • TERM 1:   14th September - 26th October 2019

  • TERM 2:  9th November - 21st December 2019

  • TERM 3:   11th January - 15th February 2020

  • TERM 4:   29th February - 28th March 2020

  • TERM 5:   18th April - 23rd May 2020

  • TERM 6:   6th June - 18th July 2020


Venue: King Edward Lower School, Darwin Lane, Sheffield, S10 5RG

(Note 1: King Edward Lower School is at the top of the hill 50 yards above Tapton School, many have mistaken the two schools in the past due to their proximity so please ensure that you have the correct school on entrance via the school entrance sign).

(Note 2: There are 2 King Edward Schools within 2 miles of each other, please ensure that you go to the LOWER school and not the upper school for King Edwards).



  1. 9:00am to 10:00am (5-8 years old) = Development Class

  2. 10:00am to 11:30am (8 – 14 years old) = Advanced Class

In order to maximise enjoyment and progress for each child we hold a smaller development/beginner class (9:00am – 10:00am) followed by an advanced/academy group session (10:00am – 11:30am).

Learn football skills with Techne Global Sports

Throughout each structured term time programme (usually in blocks of 6 – 7 weeks) we work on various elements of football specific tasks aided with social and cognitive development activities to encourage children to develop holistically, thus ensuring they enjoy playing with their friends and become confident in playing football, respect and discipline within the beautiful game is also a major component of all our football programmes.


*Please note: the age groups identified are to act as guidelines for parents. These do not necessarily equate to the most suitable class for your child and their needs and prior experience of football. If you are unsure about which group is most suitable for your child by all means call us on: 07866386511 and we will be happy to help).