Head coach decides on his Euro 2016 team

Omari Williams Techne Global Sports

Techne Global Sports coach Omari Williams (pictured) selects his Euro 2016 dream team (pictured below). Tell us what you think of his team?  We think he is sure to get big points with Ronaldo and Muller in attack and has made a bold decision picking Premier League and Manchester United youngster's Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, but will the Manchester United young strikers get a much game time for England and France respectively? What do you think? 

Our Euro 2016 fantasy football league is just for fun and we have over 20 members taking part in the league this year including a team from Ruud Gullit!  Each week we will keep you posted on how the table progresses so keep posted for the latest movements this summer.

Omari Williams Dream team

Euro 2016 Dream team

Euro 2016 Dream team

Techne Global Sports Coach, Callum Saxby selects his Euro 2016 dream team. Can you do better? if you think so then click here to join our fantasy football league and select your Euro 2016 dream team. 

Top 8 tips - A Parents Guide to Facilitating Child Development in Sport

Top 8 tips - A Parents Guide to Facilitating Child Development in Sport

The environment that they are subjected to affects their ability to develop to their maximum potential.

Techne Global Sports top 8 tips to developing children in sports will allow you to enable your child to develop in a fun environment allowing them to enjoy playing Sports for a lifetime whilst developing at a rate suitable to them.


Article from: Callum Saxby, BSc (Head Coach at Techne Global Sports)