Join our Fantasy Football League for EURO 2016!

As keen football fans, Techne Global Sports would love you to join in our fun as we take part in a fantasy league. 

Plus, get the chance to win a 2x FREE weeks at one of our football camps this summer worth £100!!

It's that time of year, we are days away from EURO 2016 in France and we are inviting you to join our FREE official Euro 2016 fantasy football league.

To take part in the game is COMPLETELY FREE and just follow the simple 4 steps below:

1) Before choosing your team, first sign Up to the official Euro 2016 website, it's quick and easy taking no more than 2 minutes Just Click Here
2) Once you have registered Click here to Pick your team.
3) After following the on screen instructions select Leagues on the navigation bar on your screen
4) Choose the join a league option, this is a private league for Techne Global friends and family! The code you will require to join is: 61857T77


The league is available to all TECHNE GLOBAL SPORTS family and friends.  This game is mainly for fun to get the family ready for the big competition; however, we are offering the 1st place winner 2x FREE weeks on our summer camp, and if you are extremely good you may be able to win some of the international prizes being offered by UEFA!

As part of the game you will be given €100m to spend on a squad of 15 players, but spend wisely, you won’t get much change to spend on other players after you have purchased Ronaldo, Bale and Harry Kane!

All done - Happy playing! The steps above may look a little complicated but it once you visit the site you will see it is very straightforward and should take 2 minutes in total (not including choosing your players).

We would love everyone to sign up as it would be great to get all of our children joining in and engaging with football on Saturday, camps and when its taking place in France this summer.

Good Luck!

The Techne Global Sports Team