EURO 2016 League table: group stages

As the group stages of the EURO 2016 come to an exciting finish this week and we approach the weekend of games ahead Techne Global Sports are reflecting on the impact of these games on our fantasy football league and the 40 teams involved in their fans league.

euro 2016 group stage league table

The top two in the league Paulo and Vasilliki have opened up a huge gap at the top and overall the top  5 teams have begun to pull away from the other 35 teams below them with coach Jamie Asquith the highest placed of the group, however it is the next 5 in the league in positions 6-10 where there is only 9 points to separate the this tight group of teams, it is great to see this group being occupied by members from our Saturday morning groups including Bea, Angus and Nick, in addition our two coaches Callum and Jake as also included within this pack.  

Among the lowest in the league table and fortunate that relegation is not an option is our head coach Omari, he made the strategic choice to make 40 points worth of transfers, unfortunately this plan has backfired on him as days later it was confirmed that after the group stages the all transfers are now free, this has seen him loose a total of 40 points and he is now second from bottom in the league with 68 points, will he recover?!  Only time will tell....

Good luck to all of our friends at Techne Global Sports taking part in our league and continue to enjoy the Euro's and our competition.